i-Dodge iPhone Case

i-Dodge iPhone Case

Do you need another excuse to keep looking at your iPhone? The i-Dodge iPhone Case is the excuse you’re looking for.

The world moves fast, and social media moves even faster. There’s a lot to see out there in the vast universe contained within the screen of your iPhone. In addition to funny memes, cat pics, and yet more revealing photos of the Kardashian klan, there might also be actual work stuff to deal with. Yeah, that last bit is a stretch but I suppose it could happen.

Unfortunately, the real world and the virtual world sometimes don’t play nice together. You can be walking along, innocently looking at the latest food pics on Instagram, and then BAM! Someone runs into you because they were busy scheduling lunch with someone they just met on Tinder. It’s dangerous, but looking up from your phone is inconvenient.

Fortunately, this case will handle some of the responsibility for you. Using a cutting-edge sensor chip, which accesses the phone’s camera for information, this slimline case will light up when impact is pending. An amber light means an object is getting closer, while a red light means a collision is imminent unless evasive action is taken. The case even lights up in the direction of the impending threat so you know which way to move if course alteration becomes unavoidable.

The i-Dodge iPhone Case can be pre-ordered for $71.29 at Firebox.com.

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