Gizmon Camera Style Case for iPhone

Gizmon Camera Style Case for iPhone

If you liked the Gizmon iCA Military Edition iPhone Case, you may want to check out a version that is more fit for civilians. This Gizmon Camera Style Case for iPhone has the same retro style, without the dark color.

People won’t know whether you have a retro camera or a phone. Now you have both. Well, you already had both, but at least now your phone can pass for a vintage gadget. To take a picture just point and click as with any camera. It also makes your phone easier to grip while taking a picture. Your phone will look awesome and take awesome photos.

Gizmon Camera Case for iPhone

Gizmon Camera Style Case for iPhone

  • iPhone case turns your iPhone 4/4S into a vintage camera
  • Black, strong, super tough Polycarbonate body
  • Cradles your iPhone like you do at night when nobody is looking
  • Point and click, instead of point, fumble, struggle, anger, click

It is only $64.99 from Thinkgeek. Also available at


  1. Does this case actually do anything different for the quality of the pictures or is it merely just a decoration? And is there a hole in the top to plug in headphones as well as a hole in the bottom to plug in the charger?

    • It seems mostly to be about the looks, but here is info from the link at “There are many Camera Apps that enjoyable with GIZMON iCA as a real camera. Shoot by pressing shutter button on top. With the best camera app for landscape mode operation, GIZMON iCA will be better and higher level digital camera than general ones.”

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