RPG Skeleton T-Shirt

RPG Skeleton T-Shirt

Now that major league baseball season is ramping up again, it’s time head out to the ballgame for some peanuts and Cracker Jacks. But some geeks would prefer staying home playing their RPGs over going to the stadium. As a geeky take on the official MLB sign, the RPG Skeleton T-Shirt shows a skelly ready to do some major league damage with his steel sword in lieu of a wood bat.

It’s funny how frightful the skeleton is when we know it’s what we are all made up of underneath the flesh. When you wear this bold t-shirt, be prepared to get lots of attention. Most should be positive and humorous, but there could be a few eye rolls followed by shudders. You’ve got to have a thick skin to wear this one.

RPG Skeleton Premium Tee

Ah, the skeleton. Everyone’s favorite experience fodder over the last 30 years. Tally up the number of skeletons you’ve bludgeoned, turned, and lit up with fire. I think you’ll agree; We all owe the humble skeleton a great deal for all the leveling they’ve given us.

Get the Premium quality RPG Skeleton T-Shirt at J!NX from $21.99-$22.99 in S to 2XL, or the Basic T-Shirt from $17.99-$20.99.

For women fans of skeletons, you might dig the 3D Ribs Dress. It could have a surprising slimming effect on the body.

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