Batman Backpack Buddy

I would rather have Batman on my back than the Joker and this Batman Backpack Buddy puts Gotham’s guardian on your back to watch over you. Let Batman hold all of your stuff with the 26 inch tall Batman Backpack Buddy. It is made from […]


Extermawave T-Shirt

Pure logic meets pure evil when Decepticon Shockwave merges with a Dalek on the Extermawave T-Shirt. Would the emotionless, logical Shockwave get along with hate-filled Daleks? Probably not since the powerful Transformer views any and all emotion as a weakness, but he would probably appreciate […]


Nintendo Mario Costume Hoodie

Dress as your favorite Italian plumber this Halloween with this neat Nintendo Mario Costume Hoodie. You will have a strange urge to consume mushrooms and hit your head on bricks to get coins. The 60% cotton and 40% polyester Nintendo Mario Costume Hoodie let you […]


Zombie Bookends

These Zombie Bookends are the perfect way to keep your books organized after the zombie apocalypse happens, because they’ll remind you that there are things outside that want to eat you. Escaping from the grim reality of a ravaged world by reading a good book […]