Extermawave T-Shirt

Extermawave T-Shirt

Pure logic meets pure evil when Decepticon Shockwave merges with a Dalek on the Extermawave T-Shirt.

Would the emotionless, logical Shockwave get along with hate-filled Daleks? Probably not since the powerful Transformer views any and all emotion as a weakness, but he would probably appreciate the firepower of the iconic Doctor Who villains who seek to exterminate anyone and anything that stands against them.

With artwork depicting the mashed-up character of Extermawave, this shirt will be a big hit for fans of The Transformers and Doctor Who, who probably already have the similarly-themed Optimus Time t-shirt in their closets.

Extermawave Shirt

The Extermawave T-Shirt is available for $26.59 at RedBubble.

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