Doctor Who 20 oz. Ceramic Soup Mug

Hungry, Whovians? No worries because the Doctor Who 20 oz. Ceramic Soup Mug is here to exterminate your hunger. Standing 3 1/2-inches-tall, this ceramic mug features an evil Dalek on each side, while the upper inside edge features the iconic Doctor Who ‘DW’ logo. While […]


Doctor Who Dark T4RD1S T-Shirt

No, the Doctor doesn’t turn evil on the Doctor Who Dark T4RD1S T-Shirt, and neither does the TARDIS, although you have to admit that would be an awesome episode. Once upon a time ago, artist StudioM6 created an awesome shirt known as the Doctor Who […]


Doctor Who Ink Splatter Dalek T-Shirt

Exterminate your fashion adversaries with the Doctor Who Ink Splatter Dalek T-Shirt and show everybody that you’re a good Dalek. The Daleks are evil and always trying to ruin the Doctor’s fun. They’re not very interesting to look at either, basically resembling rolling trashcans with […]


LEGO Ideas Doctor Who Playset

Don’t blink because it’s time to exterminate boredom with the LEGO Ideas Doctor Who Playset. Get ready for some exciting adventures in time and space with the Eleventh Doctor, the Twelfth Doctor, and Clara Oswald as they face Daleks and a Weeping Angel. The set […]