Doctor Who Dark T4RD1S T-Shirt

Doctor Who Dark T4RD1S T-Shirt

No, the Doctor doesn’t turn evil on the Doctor Who Dark T4RD1S T-Shirt, and neither does the TARDIS, although you have to admit that would be an awesome episode.

Once upon a time ago, artist StudioM6 created an awesome shirt known as the Doctor Who T4RD1S T-Shirt. It’s awesome, with Whovian goodies like the TARDIS, Cybermen, Daleks, Weeping Angels, the Doctor’s iconic sonic screwdriver, and even mysterious hashmarks on the door of the TARDIS to indicate the Silence stopped by. The design is also on a white t-shirt, which isn’t everyone’s bowl of fish fingers and custard.

Now that eye-catching image is available in black, charcoal, and navy.

Doctor Who Dark T4RD1S Shirt

The Doctor Who Dark T4RD1S T-Shirt is available for $20 at TeeFury.

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