Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl

Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl

Pets require a lot of your time and dedication. But if you’ve been wanting to get a pet fish for a long time but feel that you simply can’t spare any time for taking care of one, then you can go all high-tech and get the pet of your dreams with the  Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl.

As implied, the Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl doesn’t need any feeding and you certainly won’t need to change the water on a regular basis. There’s no need to worry about where to leave your fish if you’re going on a long trip abroad, because your electronic goldfish will be fine no matter how long you may have to leave it. (But just make sure you take out the batteries before you leave, so it will keep on swimming and not run out energy by the time you get back.)

Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl

Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl

Playing with your new Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl is super easy. Put fresh batteries into the top, push the base decoration into the bowl, fill the bowl with water, and put the top back on.

  • Just like a real fish, it “swims around.” But unlike a real fish, you never need to feed it!
  • Real glass bowl – just add batteries and water (both not included).
  • Always-on multi LED light show (colors fade from one to another for instant ambience).
  • Includes: Glass bowl, fish unit, and base decoration.

The Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl is available from ThinkGeek for $19.99.


  1. Hello. I’m in the UK and would love your goldfish for a show I am designing for. But the show is next week. Do you sell in the UK?

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