Man Bowl

Man Bowl

I recently got myself the most adorable Shih Tzu puppy in the whole world. She’s a feisty pup and a picky eater, which is why I find myself crouching down beside her and feeding her the dog food piece by piece. Kind of makes me feel like I’m the one about to eat the chow off her dog bowl. Which kind of makes me feel like I’m using the Man Bowl instead.

If you’ve ever wanted to eat like your four-legged best friend, then this is the way to go. The Man Bowl looks like a dog bowl, only it’s in white and it’s got your specie written on it in big bold letters. Seat yourself beside Fido and bond by eating your meal off the same bowl. I’m sure it would be one heck of a sight to see.

Man Bowl

Man Bowl

If you know a guy with a beast of an appetite – or indeed the manners of a beast! – this piece of could-be canine crockery makes the ideal tongue-in-cheek gift!

From a distance it looks just like a classic dog bowl, but get a little closer and you’ll see that this quirky ceramic dish is in fact emblazoned with the word ‘MAN’ rather than the word ‘DOG’! Okay, you might want to draw the line at placing it on the floor come mealtimes, but it makes the perfect receptacle for man-sized portions of pasta or rice, XL puddings and helpings of cereals that’ll set you up ’til suppertime!

The Man Bowl is available from Thumbs Up UK. The bad news is that the minimum order for this bowl is 12 pieces. Now what would you do with that many? Maybe if you’ve got a couple of friends who slobber all over their plates like dogs during dinner…If you’re short on friends and you want to enjoy the Man Bowl with man’s best friend, you can purchase a single bowl at for £14.99.


  1. Thanks Daniel! Link added to end of article above.

    Some of us already knew that Thumbs Up is a distributor (of many cool products) rather than a retailer, now I’ll make sure everyone at GeekAlerts knows.

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