Doctor Who Dalek Leggings

Ladies, you can exterminate bad fashion with the Doctor Who Dalek Leggings, while showing love for everybody’s favorite Time Lord at the same time. These colorful tights feature a bright red Dalek on one leg, with the bold command “Exterminate” on the other. Rather than […]


Doctor Who Headphones

Do you still prefer headphones instead of earbuds? If so, and you love Doctor Who, you can jam with the stylin’ Doctor Who Headphones, showing everybody why those tiny little earbuds really aren’t all that great. I don’t have anything personal against earbuds but they’re […]


Doctor Who: Dalek Pencil Toppers

These Doctor Who: Dalek Pencil Toppers will help you to exterminate your schoolwork, or whatever you are writing. They will be a constant reminder to watch the latest episodes. These Pencils feature a different colored Dalek on a graphic Doctor Who Pencil. For once you […]

Doctor Who FX Special Weapons Dalek

Doctor Who F/X Special Weapons Dalek

No Doctor Who collection is complete without this awesome Doctor Who F/X Special Weapons Dalek action figure. You might remember it from the 1988 Episode Remembrance of the Daleks. Unlike a conventional Dalek, the Special Weapons Dalek had no manipulator arm or eye-stalk. But it […]


Doctor Who TITANS Drone Dalek

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, Titan is introducing this neat Doctor Who TITANS Drone Dalek. This little guy is 6 1/2″ of exterminating fun. The Daleks are the Doctor’s oldest and most deadly foes. This figure is modeled after their latest incarnation: […]


Doctor Who Ice Cube Tray

Keep things cool this summer with the Doctor. More specifically with the Daleks and the TARDIS. This Doctor Who Ice Cube Tray will keep your drinks cold and extra geeky. Bow Ties are cool and so is a fez, but your drink will be downright […]