Doctor Who Talking Plush Dalek

Doctor Who Talking Plush Dalek

Just what you always wanted, a plush toy that tells you it is going to exterminate you.  The Doctor Who Talking Plush Dalek will be a perfect addition to your Doctor Who collection.  This 9″ plush toy comes in red or blue and may look soft and cuddly, but I think we all know better…for those of you that don’t, one squeeze and this Dalek Plush will remind you that he wants to exterminate you and that you are a threat to the Daleks.  Serious stuff from a 9″ tall plush; Napoleon complex maybe?

Doctor Who Talking Plush Dalek Toy

Don’t let this exterminating Dalek get the Doctor, Amy or Rory; use your TARDIS Wardrobe as a hiding place and plan all your Doctor Who adventures inside it.  This blue Dalek Plush looks a little less intimidating than the red one, but looks can be deceiving!

Showcasing the very best from the Doctor Who rogues gallery, this release features the iconic Dalek (in red & blue). Spoken phrases include “Exterminate, Exterminate.” And “You would make a good Dalek.” The Daleks have been hated and feared throughout time and space, maybe it’s time someone gave them a hug. Might be worth getting one on your side. Approximately 9 inches tall.

Doctor Who Talking 9 Inch Plush DalekThis Dalek doesn’t look so intimidating when he’s strapped down!

Doctor Who Talking Plush Dalek

  • Quality talking plush Dalek
  • Squeeze to play sounds: “Exterminate, exterminate!” and “You are an enemy of the Daleks, you must be destroyed”
  • 9 inches tall

You can pre-order your Doctor Who Talking Plush Dalek in red or blue from Firebox for £16.99 with free delivery.  Don’t forget you other Doctor Who items: TARDIS Mug and TARDIS Lunchbox.

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