Talking Dalek Alarm Clock

Talking Dalek Alarm Clock

Earlier this month we saw the Shiny R/C Dalek and now fans of the British 60s sci-fi TV series “Doctor Who” can wake up with an alarm clock version of the Skaro habitant.

It is officially licenced by the BBC Doctor Who series, this Dalek shouts “Exterminate”, “You would make a good Dalek” or “You are an enemy of the Daleks, you must be destroyed” to wake you up in the morning.

Other features are flashing white ears, a flashing blue eye and blue LED lights on the feet. Turn off the alarm by pushing it’s head that activates pressure pads in the feet.

Talking Dalek Alarm Clock


  • One Talking Dalek Alarm Clock
  • Officially licenced by the BBC
  • 8 inch high size
  • 3x classic phrases spoken
  • Dalek ears glow white
  • The eye glows blue
  • Push head to turn alarm off
  • LCD clock
  • SET/MODE buttons
  • Blue LEDs on feet
  • Pressure feet pads turn alarm off
  • Supplied in an attractive open window box
  • Not suitable for children aged 3 years and less
  • Size: Talking Dalek Alarm Clock H 20.3cm x W 13.0cm x D 16.5cm

The “Talking Dalek Alarm Clock” can be purchased from Otherland for £15.95 (about $29 USD) or from I Want One Of Those for £29.99 (about $55 USD).

(Via Toyology)


  1. …plus, if you run into any plumbing emergencies during your morning ablutions, the Talking Dalek Alarm Clock (like all Daleks) comes equipped with a convenient plunger.

  2. I got one of these at a garage sale, and I’d like to know how to program the time. Please. While its fun being woken up with screams of “Exterminate” that totally freak out my cats, I’d rather it not be at 5:45 in the morning.

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