The Frog Weather Reporter

Frog Weather Reporter

Ever wonder how the weather station predicts whether it’s going to be warm and sunny out or gloomy and rainy? They use a ton of highly sensitive and advanced equipment to do so, but you can actually do the same right in your very own home with the super simple (and hence not very accurate or reliable, but still entertaining) Frog Weather Reporter.

The Frog Weather Reporter is basically a barometer, something that measures changes in atmospheric pressure. When the water rises in the tube, it means that the pressure has lowered and hence, there’s a greater chance of rain. Another gadget that makes use of simple concepts from the sciences is the Potato Clock.

The Frog Weather Reporter

The Frog Weather Reporter

When it comes to predicting the day’s weather you could trust the chaps on breakfast TV or even consult your smartphone. But for a reliable heads-up on the elements, just ask The Frog Weather Reporter.

Just add your choice of water (with a drop of food coloring if you like) using the supplied syringe and wait. Thanks to some pretty nifty physics (or meteorology skills) the water level in the adjoining tube will rise and fall depending on the atmospheric conditions. If the water is high up the tube, the chances are it’ll rain. If it’s low down, the skies should be clear. Much like an old school barometer this smiling amphibian has been known to get it wrong from time to time, but generally he’s spot on.

The Frog Weather Reporter is available from Firebox for £12.99 ($21.)

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  1. This is pretty intersting. I understand where this is coming from by atmospheric pressure conditions. It is an informative item to have at home when people understand it.

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