Ningen Gakki Body-Conductive Musical Instrument

Ningen Gakki Body-Conductive Musical InstrumentAre you finding that you and your comrades aren’t getting along so well lately? Maybe what you need to do is to gather around and make some harmonious music together with the Ningen Gakki Body-Conductive Musical Instrument. Make music, not war.

Ningen Gakki Body-Conductive Musical Instrument

  • 4 people hold onto the Ningen Gakki and then touch each other to complete circuits and trigger sounds.
  • It’s sort of like a combination of The Three Stooges and a human beat box.
  • Three Modes:
  • Song Mode – select from one of 10 songs and then each touch will advance the song one note.
  • Sound Effect Mode – select from one of 3 sound banks full off sounds from bleeps to animals.
  • Drums Mode – enjoy a really nice drum set. Slap to the beat!
  • Auto shut off feature.
  • Straight from Japan!

Four people can play at once. Each player puts their thumb on one of the gadget’s four grabbers. Then players can high-five, smack, poke, tickle, punch or nudge the other players to produce a synergistic symphony of sound. (Betcha can’t say that 10 times fast.) This device uses each person’s electrical conductivity to create entertaining sounds when making physical contact with any other player.

Using its three different modes, you can either make beautiful songs, silly sound effects or drum beats.

Just under 5″ in length, the Ningen Gakki can be schlepped around just about anywhere; meetings, happy hour, kids’ birthday parties, long car trips, etc.  With a name like Ningen Gakki, it’s got to be an import from Japan. They’re always coming up with the coolest stuff.

Think Geek is where you can find the Ningen Gakki Body-Conductive Musical Instrument for $49.99. Shall we rename it the NGBCMI for short?

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