Desktop Drum Set

Desktop Drum Set

There’s just something about miniature stuff that gets to me. I mean, who doesn’t want to own one of these Desktop Drum Sets that looks just like the actual thing, only many, many times smaller than the real drum sets?

The thing is, the Desktop Drum Set isn’t just pleasing for your eyes. They can also be pleasing to your ears, if you can manage to bang out (or rather, tap out) some catchy and quirky beats. It’s a fun thing to have on your office desk so you can drum away the boredom anytime you want to. And if you’ve still got some Barbie’s (or man-dolls or action figures), then you can definitely use this as a prop.

Another cool miniature thing to check out is the Snoopy LED Miniature Light Set.

Desktop Drum Set

  • Retro-style desktop drums
  • Assembles without tools in under a minute
  • Great for all genres of music
  • Fun at home or in the office

This Desktop Drum Kit is easily one of the most addictive products we’ve played with recently. No one can resist having a go once they’ve seen it, even the most unlikely of rock stars!

Unlike many desktop drum sets, this one is an actual 3D set of drums with a stand, rather than a touch-sensitive pad, meaning that your drumming experience is much more realistic!

The Desktop Drum Set is available from Red5 for £14.95 ($24.)

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  1. Based its low price and the fun I have had with this drum set I would give it a 4 star rating. However, beware, if I were to rate it on quality of materials and construction alone, I would be probably give it a two stare rating. This is to say, it’s cheap, its fun- and be careful not to break it.
    I got my drum set as a Christmas present from my brother. He gave it to tease me about how as a teenager 50 years ago, while wearing Sony headphones and volume cranked to the max., I use to bang away to Little Richard singing ‘Tuti Fruti’ using silverware as drum sticks and that nights dirty pots and pans- those that I was suppose to be washing after dinner- as the improvised drum set. Needless to say, kitchenware was damaged and family nerves were put on edge- but I eventually grew up, move out and all is well again.
    Getting this drum set- suddenly some of that thrill came back to me. I have began to use them to accompany the music I am
    listening to today it sounds not great, but o.k.. And it is fun.
    I have only two ‘problems’ with this set. One, the drumsticks are plastic, small and light, making them difficult to manipulate and get a ‘feel for’ while drumming. While this is probably intentional to avoid damaging the drum heads but I suggest risking such damage and making sticks of your own. My best ‘improved’ sticks to date are made of shortened wood pencils with rounded ‘eraser caps’ placed over their striking ends. So far- no damage. My second complaint is with the cymbal. While made of metal, it does not have any symbol sound qualities, i.e., when struck, rather than resonating for even a split moment, it goes ‘clank’- creating just the opposite effect I expect and desire. If they can’t do better, perhaps they just shouldn’t included it (or increase the price 20% and include one that works if only a little bit).
    Still, if you’ve got some ‘wanna-be’ drummer in you, and your up for some miniature fun (and if you don’t expect too much) this will do the trick.

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