Roll Up Drum Kit

The Roll Up Drum Kit

How many times have you kicked yourself for not pursuing a rock star career? Instead you’re at the computer tapping away at the keyboard everyday, when really you just want to bust out a pair of drum sticks and pull a Keith Moon. Now you can be a rock star in the workplace when you hook up the Roll Up Drum Kit to your PC.

The Roll Up Drum Kit

Capable of being rolled up and stored in your desk drawer, this is the drum kit that lets you channel your inner Buddy Rich.

The kit plugs into a USB port on your PC and the included software allows you to choose from six different drum kits, 48 rhythm patterns, eight special drum effects, and eight bass drum loops. Each of the six sensor pads may be programmed with different effects, enabling you to customize your set up for a cymbals-heavy rock or djembe-dominant African feel.

Includes two plastic drumsticks. Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

Whenever the coast is clear, take the Roll Up Drum Kit out of your drawer, plug it into the USB slot of your computer, and start a jam session. There’s nothing like drum gatherings to bring fun people closer together. But if you have highly irritable colleagues, you might want to use your headphones.

The drum kit would be great to stick in a carry-on for a trip, and can help minimize boredom in the car and during long waits at the airport. Try sticking a real set of drums into your bag. Not gonna happen!

Skymall and Hammacher Schlemmer have the Roll Up Drum Kit priced at $59.95.

Drumming with your iPad is another way you can rock at the office or when in transit. The Pix & Stix drum sticks are for use with your iPad drum set, but designed to make gentle drumstick impact on the screen. Beat It Drumstick Chopsticks and Drumstick Pencils are fun for serious drummers who can’t put their sticks down even for lunchtime or during work hours. There’s also an Electronic Drumkit T-Shirt you can wear on casual Fridays.

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