USB Circus Cannon Kit

USB Circus Cannon Kit

There are quite a few USB missile launchers out there such as the Thunder Missile Launcher, Wireless Missile Launcher,  and Missile Launcher with Webcam. What sets the USB Circus Cannon Kit is the fun, circus-themed design. You can play with it where the missiles are circus performers, and you shoot them into a net. Or just use the cannon as a missile launcher to fire at targets, action figures, or friends.

The Dream Cheeky USB Circus Cannon Kit comes with computer software you can use to aim the canon along two axises. Aim up or down, left or right, and then fire when ready. It also has sound effects for when a missile is fired.

USB Missle Cannon

USB Circus Cannon Kit

  • Shoots up to 10 feet
  • USB Powered
  • What else do you have to do? TPS Reports?

Dream Cheeky USB Circus Cannon Kit

USB Circus Cannon Kit

  • Contains 3 foam “Babes” missles and a circus net to catch them
  • Able to adjust up,down,left and right
  • Shoots up to 10 feet at a extremely fast rate
  • Pre-recorded sound effects
  • Includes 3 feet of USB Cable
  • No batteries required

USB Circus Cannon

Order the USB Circus Cannon Kit for only $9.99 plus free shipping at Tiger Direct. Hurry, at this cheap price they won’t last long. Order several sets, so you can do battle with roommates, co-workers, and friends.

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  1. i purchased this item and tried to use it on windows 8.1
    the software does not work – the arrow keys do nothing you press enter and the software closes. the canon is loud. seriously not impressed

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