Speech Bubble Speakers – Soon Available

January 29, 2009 Robert Birming 13

Some of you might have stumbled upon these cartoon speech bubble speakers last year when they were “only” one all all those cool concepts that pops up every week. But guess what? These awesome babies have now become reality.


Swiss Army Knife with Digital Altimeter

January 29, 2009 Robert Birming 2

Last time we saw the Swiss army knife here at GeekAlerts, it was a model equipped with a 16GB USB drive. Now the Victorinox company has managed to squeeze in a digital thermometer and altimeter into their famous multifunction pocket tool.


Spider-Man USB Webcam

January 27, 2009 Robert Birming 8

Those Marvel fans out there who enjoyed last week’s Spider-Man USB Missile Launcher, here’s another superhero inspired computer accessory that should be right up your alley: the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man web camera.


Tokyoflash Blue LED Mesh Clock

January 27, 2009 Robert Birming 0

This new vertical alarm clock displays the current time with bright blue LEDs behind a black steel mesh, a design that gives the timepiece somewhat of speaker feeling.



January 25, 2009 Robert Birming 2

The GPS Pal holds any brand of GPS in your vehicle’s cup holder for quicker access and unobstructed windshield visibility – making “getting directions easier and driving safer”.


Liquid-Powered Digital Clock

January 25, 2009 Robert Birming 1

Some of you might remember that Eco-Friendly Water-Powered Clock that was covered here at GeekAlerts last summer. This new model takes it one step further by allowing you to power the timepiece with just about any liquid – yes, even beer.


Hello Kitty Keyboard

January 24, 2009 Robert Birming 2

Great news for those of you who have a thing for computer accessories inspired by a certain japanese cat, like this webcam, the USB fan and this small speaker. You will now be able to expand your collection with this brand new Hello Kitty keyboard.


Spider-Man USB Missile Launcher

January 23, 2009 Robert Birming 1

Last month we covered the Spyfire R/C Blaster here at GeekAlerts and now yet another follow-up to the original USB missile launcher has been announced. This time it’s Marvel who has come up with a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man model.


Star Wars R2-D2 Water Bottle

January 23, 2009 Robert Birming 5

It’s not the first time this tin can astromech droid gets filled with water. Last year we could see R2-D2 as an aquarium with a built-in periscope, and now the design of the popular Star Wars robot has been used for a water bottle.


Super-Tiny USB Card Reader

January 23, 2009 Robert Birming 3

It seems as if this will be a day of mini gadgets here at GeekAlerts. First we had the Tiny Personal Alarm, then the Mini Airplane Mouse and now a small USB card reader.


Mini Airplane USB Mouse

January 23, 2009 Robert Birming 1

If you’re looking for a small and travel-friendly alternative to the Aircraft LED Mouse, this new mini airplane mouse with a retractable USB cable might be just the ticket.