Star Wars Walkie Talkie Watches

Clone Trooper Walkie Talkie Watches

Star Wars fans will soon be available to communicate with each other using a pair of digital watches featuring quite a cheap looking clone trooper soldier style.

Kids will have hours of fun with this walkie talkie watch set. Whether role playing scenes from The Clone Wars or just sharing secret messages, these digital watches are sure to please. Batteries included.

The Clone Trooper Walkie Talkie Watches (set of 2 watches) ships March 2009 and can now be pre-ordered from the official Star Wars Shop for $29.99.


  1. After walkie talkie phone now there is walkie talkie watches, now there is more fun for childern who are playing starwars by this digital walkie talkie wathces.

  2. I’m 23 years old now and still love to have this kind of stuff makes me popular in the office… hahhhaaa… 🙂

  3. fashion watches, this is just as beautiful as mine which I bought at Tradestead, there are many kings of beautiful fashion watches

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