SpyCobra – USB Covert Computer Logging Device

SpyCobra Keylogger

The brand new SpyCobra USB device is described as “the next generation of computer surveillance” – like a new and improved version of last year’s KeyShark USB Keylogger.

Extremely useful and highly covert, the SpyCobra is perfect for parents that want to keep an eye on their kids’ internet activities, employers who suspect their staff are up to something or private investigators gathering information, the SpyCobra is a covert computer logging device that’s a giant leap forward in spy technology.

What makes this device different is that it doesn’t have to be left plugged into a PC. You plug it into a USB port and within 15 seconds you can install a small piece of software that will log keys, remember websites visited and take screen shots at regular intervals.

SpyCobra Keylogger

There’s no hardware to detect and when you want to retrieve the information gathered, you just plug the SpyCobra unit into the PC again and everything will be uploaded onto it, so you can take it away and examine it later.

The SpyCobra computer surveillance USB device will soon be available from the Thumbs Up (UK) Ltd website. The suggested retail price is £89.99 (about $126).


  1. Wow, sure look like a great improvement from the previous KeyShark. This doesn’t even need a USB keyboard input. But since so, i guess having a software for keylogging and screenshot is enough?

    Not sure if screenshot via software is available but keylog via software is definitely available.

  2. Buyer. . . BEWARE. I have not been able to get this to work on a Windows XP, 2002, Service Pack 3. What really bothers me is Spycobra does not answer their e-mails for support!

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