Jumpshot USB Drive: Never Fix a Relative’s Computer Again

Jumpshot USB Drive

It can get pretty frustrating when people are constantly asking you to fix their computers. But with Jumpshot USB Drive: Never Fix a Relative’s Computer Again, life will be much easier.

Jumpshot USB Drive Never Fix A Relatives Computer Again

These cute drives offer plug and play PC cleanup and protection and make it so easy, that anyone can fix their own PC, without bothering you! That makes these drives the best gift ever.

Jumpshot USB Drive Computer Fix

Jumpshot USB Drive: Never Fix a Relative’s Computer Again

  • Easy to use software enables non-computer people to fix their own PC
  • Jumpshot does these things:
    • Kills viruses, trojans, scamware, spyware, etc.
    • Disables junk and crapware so your PC is faster
    • Unclutters your web browser and boosts its speed
    • Tightens security by toggling settings in popular apps
    • Tweaks Windows to improve defenses and performance
    • Examines hardware performance and detects failing parts
    • Meters your internet speed and detects insecure WiFi
    • Analyzes drive contents to reveal what’s taking space
    • Reclaims hard drive space by taking out the trash
    • Keeps you informed of critical events related to your PC
    • Protects your identity and keeps your online habits private
  • It is seriously just plug-and-play. Anyone who can plug a USB drive into a computer and turn it on can use this.
  • USB drive comes with two scans ($19 value per scan)
  • If you like the program, Jumpshot has an inexpensive subscription service ($59/year for unlimited scans on 5 PCs – soooo worth it to not be the Family Tech Support person!)
  • Choose: Officer Pete, Kobayashi (ninja), Sir Jeffrey (octopus)

They are only $29.99 from ThinkGeek.com. Well worth the money.


  1. Will this be the first useful holy grail? I’m not holding my breath for this one. Will have to wait and see what true reviews it receives.

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