Heart Shaped Jelly Mould

Heart Shaped Jelly Mould

If you enjoy your jelly in various shapes and sizes, then you might want to think about investing in some durable moulds. The Zombie Brain Jello Mould will let you cook up some pretty gross-looking brainy jello, while the Giant Baby Mould lets you pop out a baby in mere minutes rather than the normal 9 months. And if you happen to be a heart surgeon or heartbroken, then maybe you’d like some heart-shaped jelly care of the Heart Shaped Jelly Mould.

You might wonder why the brokenhearted would want to eat some heart-shaped jelly. Well, they are heartbroken, after all–it could help to imagine that they’re currently biting into the cold heart of the one who broke theirs. Either way, serving up some fun-shaped jelly during dessert could definitely add a light touch to cap off the evening.

Heart Shaped Jelly MouldHeart Shaped Jelly Mold

Jelly has got to be one of the most harmless substances known to man. So it’s remarkable that the people behind the Heart Shaped Jelly Mould have actually managed to make it look menacing.

It wouldn’t make a great teaching tool but this half-a-human-heart is certainly accurate enough to give your guests the collywobbles. Serve it up as the centrepiece to a spooky Halloween table, or just enjoy it with ice cream. It’s the perfect gift for medical students and aspiring cannibals alike.

The Heart Shaped Jelly Mould is available from Firebox for £9.99 ($15.)

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