Heart Shaped Cucumber Mold Set

Heart Shaped Cucumber Mold Set

We’ve all heard about genetically modified crops, but there’s another way to mess with Mother Nature; by performing plastic surgery on baby cucumbers. Now you can grow cucumbers that slice into delightful heart shapes by using the Heart Shaped Cucumber Mold Set.

First it was square melons, but then some creative folks in Yamagata Prefecture made our cucumbers into hearts and changed our salads forever! Who says greens can’t be interesting?!

If you grow cucumbers at home, or want to give the perfect gift to a gardener friend, the Heart-Shaped Cucumber Molds will let you grow your young cucumbers into perfect heart shapes over time (and every time). Have unique salads for dinner parties and special occasions, or use your imagination to create something else entirely!

It’s easy to use too: Just insert the pins into the mold to hold it together in the right shape. Then insert a baby cucumber into the mold when it’s about the size of a little finger, using the hooks and a net to hold it up. As it grows up it will be shaped into a heart. Once it’s reached about 70-80% up the mold, release it and harvest your delicious crop!

Heart Shaped Cucumber Mold

Score major points with your sweetheart when you fix him/her a salad adorned with green, heart-shaped cucumbers. The cucumbers will be all the more delicious when you explain how you grew those very cucumbers in your organic garden. Impress guests at your dinner parties and BBQs when you decorate a plate of hors d’oeuvres or make veggie skewers with cucumber hearts. Make sushi rolls with these love-struck cucumbers, and suddenly you’ll find that the veggie ones disappear before the fish.

Just like having a little “work” done to your body, extreme makeovers for cucumbers cost a pretty penny as well. The Heart Shaped Cucumber Mold Set is $91 at Japan Trend Shop. But if you’re more of a star person, they also have the Star Shaped Cucumber Mold Set for the same price. Be one of the few people on Earth to produce funky-shaped cucumbers.

Why must we morph food into something it’s not? Because we can. The sky’s the limit on GeekAlerts. We love to turn eggs into mustaches with the Mustache Egg Fryer, dream about Star Wars AT-AT Pancakes, and eat Brains Cupcakes. Being able to play with our food makes our world go round… or in the shape of a heart.

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  1. I’d love to grow heart shaped cucumbers and star shaped ones too, but $91 for a set of 3 and another $22 in shipping… come on now, can’t we do better than that?! The face shaped mold by Vegiforms was only $10.95 and that was far more intricate than a heart or star. Can’t we make these molds in the USA for far less? You would think so, but the USA doesn’t seem to manufacture anything anymore… such a shame. If it weren’t for China and Japan we’d be cavemen pounding rocks together. Can’t we make something in the USA!

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