Anatomically-Correct Heart Lollipop

Anatomically-Correct Heart Lollipop

The generic heart shapes we’re used to seeing look nothing like the ones in our bodies. But leave it to the Heart Shaped Jello Mould and Anatomically-Correct Heart Lollipop to paint a clearer grass-roots picture of what a heart really is… something delicious to eat if it’s sufficiently packed with high fructose corn syrup and red dye!

This is One Way to Eat Your Heart Out…This anatomically correct Heart Pop features all of your favorite arteries, valves and ventricles (Can You Name them all?). Each 2″ (5.1 cm) wide, strawberry-flavored lollipop is a great way to pump sugar into your mouth! Big Individually wrapped lollipop.

Hmm, now we know why the traditional heart shape was created; because real hearts are downright ugly. That’s not a nice way to talk about the body’s powerhouse of an organ, is it? The Heart Lollipop is a surprising gift to give on Valentine’s Day or to your favorite cardiologist. The best part of giving the lollipop away is seeing your recipient’s reaction. I bet you a dollar that you’ll get smiles instead of frowns. Just wait till they taste it. Surely, it lasts about as long as those old-fashioned ones.

So even if they’re $4.49 a pop at and $3.49 at, the Anatomically-Correct Heart Lollipops are well worth their price.

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