Plush Organs

Plush Organs

The Plush Organs are the cutest representations to date of your slimy, rather unattractive insides.  If you’re knowledgeable in the area of biology, you’ll be able to recognize that all humans have these organs.  “One of them is a uterus, you genius.”  Bill Nye the Science Guy never talked about those, but he did grant me the skills necessary to identify the brain, heart, and kidney.  The designs for these adorable pieces of tissue that make up a functioning organ were created by Wendy Bryan.

Plush Organs

It takes a lot of guts to share what you’ve got going on inside, but these plush pals give tough topics–from sickness to surgery–a soft touch. Wendy Bryan, an anatomically obsessed illustrator who loves internal organs and all their functions, organ-ized this charming line of stuffed guts that are designed to keep things light.

When you’re sick, the Plush Organs are relevant gifts.  When you’re well, the Plush Organs are relevant gifts. Come to think of it, until you’re mummified and your organs are placed in a jar, these geeky products will always be an appropriate, pertinent gift!  Buy a bunch of these online and use them for all occasions?  Yes.

I heart Guts Plush Organs

The organs pictured above are some more plush representations that Wendy Bryan has created, and you can learn more at her website.

If you love these adorable organs, then you’ll want to hop on over to Uncommon Goods and buy ’em all up.  If you’d rather look at some other great organ-related products, like the Concrete Organ Jewelry and the Organ Transport Lunch Cooler, you can do that instead.

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