Super Mario Tanooki 11-Inch Plush

Sanei Officially Licensed Super Tanooki Mario Plush

When Mario powers-up as Tanooki, flying Koopa Troopas and Goombas get a run for their money. The spirit of the racoon runs deep among Italian plumbers. Who knew? Now you can add the Super Mario Tanooki 11-Inch Plush to your Super Mario Bros. plush toy collection.

This officially-licensed Mario doll will be highly sought-after by those who’ve kicked some serious Koopa shell and conquered many worlds by way of the Tanooki suit. When Mario turns into a raccoon, he can fly, do serious damage with his tail, and turn into an invincible statue in fits of danger.

Super Mario Tanooki 11-Inch Plush

Super Mario Tanooki Mario 11-Inch Plush
Fly, Mario, fly! Straight out of the Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario 3D Land video games, comes the Super Mario Plush Series Tanooki Mario 11-Inch Plush. In Super Mario Bros. 3, Mario picks up the Tanooki suit so that he can fly and turn into stone. Now you can own Mario wearing his Tanooki suit in excellent 11-inch plush form!

  • Fly, Mario, fly!
  • Mario dons his flying Tanooki suit!
  • Most-excellent plush from the Super Mario Bros. games.

Some kids might even prefer cuddling Mario in a raccoon suit to cuddling Mario in his usual plumbing attire. Tanooki Mario is way cuter with his striped bushy tail, round tummy, and raccoon ears.

You can find the Super Mario Tanooki 11-Inch Plush at Amazon from $28.29 and up, or the doll is also available at Entertainment Earth. Both retailers also carry the 8-inch Tanooki Mario which has a lower price tag.

GeekAlerts has also featured some other plush toy characters from various Mario games, including Mario Riding on Yoshi, Shy Guy, Thwomp, and Hammer Bros.

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