Nintendo Donkey Kong & Super Mario Bros Wall Decal

Nintendo Donkey Kong & Super Mario Bros Wall Graphics

Mario fanatics that were envious of the Asteroids Wall Decals and Atari Wall Stickers (Centipede and Pong), can now take comfort with these Nintendo Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros Wall Decals. Retro gamers that loved early 80s arcade games or the original 8-bit NES will enjoy the Donkey Kong wall graphics or the Super Mario Bros. wall stickers. Modern Mario aficionados will prefer the New Super Mario Brothers wall decals and their high resolution 3D styling.

Super Mario Bros. Wall Graphics

As with the Asteroids and Centipede wall graphics from before, these Nintendo wall decals are removable and reusable high-quality Blik ReStik decals. They work great for a bedroom, office, dorm room, etc. If you need to move them, easily take them off without damaging the paint and take them with you to restick somewhere else.

Super Mario Brothers Wall Decals

Most of us have nowhere near the artistic capabilities needed to paint pictures like these. Even if you could, it would take many hours to recreate something you could do in minutes with these Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros wall decals. Plus these are removable so you can put them anywhere, even on walls where you aren’t allowed to paint or put nail holes in to hang pictures. You can take advantage of the restickability to change the scene on a frequent basis as well, to recreate different levels or situations within the game.

Super Mario Bros Wall Stickers

Nintendo Wall Graphics

  • Restickable Vinyl Wall Decals
  • Create your own Mario-themed environment
  • Dozens of removable decals in each package
  • Package includes 3, 26″ x 40″ sheets of decals
  • 3 awesome sets to choose from
    • Donkey Kong
    • Super Mario Brothers
    • New Super Mario Brothers

Nintendo Wall Graphics are available at ThinkGeek. The Donkey Kong set is $49.99 while either version of Super Mario Bros. is $69.99 each.

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