Bombshell Gaming Pint Glass 4-Pack

Bombshell Gaming Pint Glass 4-Pack

This Bombshell Gaming Pint Glass 4-Pack is the bomb. Your favorite classic video game characters are gender-swapped, in pinup-style art on a set of four pint glasses. Each glass features a different character. The Mushroom Kingdom never looked so good. Super Mario Bros. Bombshell Gaming […]


Mario Kart 7 MicroDrive

It’s time to take your Mario Kart obsession off the screen and into real life with this Mario Kart 7 MicroDrive. Mario is at the wheel and ready to race. And he has some new tricks up his sleeve. This racer can do wheelies and […]


Night Watch Bros. T-Shirt

How about a shirt that combines two of your favorite things? Super Mario Bros. and Game of Thrones. This Night Watch Bros. T-Shirt is pretty awesome. You might call it the Super Brotherhood of the Night Watch. Just imagine if Game Of Thrones was turned […]


Nintendo Bowser Jacket

This awesome Nintendo Bowser Jacket will have you reminiscing about all those great battles against Nintendo’s Bowser. The high quality jacket is limited edition with only 1,000 being made and each jacket includes a limited edition label of authenticity sewn to the liner at the […]

Boo - Super Mario Apron

Boo – Super Mario Apron

Is this not the cutest apron ever to haunt the pages of GeekAlerts?! If you live in a house full of Super Mario fanatics or are one yourself, you couldn’t pick a more adorable apron than the Boo-Super Mario Apron. Though Boo is a ghost, he’s […]