Boo – Super Mario Apron

Boo - Super Mario Apron

Is this not the cutest apron ever to haunt the pages of GeekAlerts?! If you live in a house full of Super Mario fanatics or are one yourself, you couldn’t pick a more adorable apron than the Boo-Super Mario Apron.

Though Boo is a ghost, he’s not so scary because he’s pretty easy to escape. All Mario needs to do is look at him in the face and he freezes. Some moms have that same effect on their kids; you know with their deadly “you’re in big trouble, Mister” stare?

Cooking with Boo!

  • This is a one of a kind made to order Boo apron! Fun to wear while you’re cooking or have guests over. A great gift for the holidays and anyone who loves Super Mario! This apron would also be great for the Halloween time!
  • The apron is fully lined and made with a nice Premium Cotton and Vinyl.
  • Magnets are inside the arms now only, not the eyes. The arms will connect together hide the face even better and preserve the design (especially the eyes) to last much much much longer.
  • Machine wash cold, delicate setting, hang to dry (use shout color catcher since there is black and white!)
  • Apron is standard size.

You can hide Boo’s eyes with his magnetic arms, or have his arms open to look like he’s in flight mode. The skirt of the apron is just as eye-catching as the top. The thick, black waistband makes the waist look tiny and the tulip-petal shape in two tones is sweet yet sinister.

Order this apron in time for Halloween and delight trick-or-treaters at the door with Boo (or peek-a-Boo) and a bunch of treats. But order quickly because Boo – Super Mario Apron takes about 2-3 weeks to ship from and Halloween is about to sneak up in a ghastly way. I don’t see any problem with wearing this apron year-round, either. The apron can be yours for $70 US.

Another apron that closely rivals Boo in the cute department is the Star Wars R2-D2 Apron.

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