Tokyo eCity Wall Decals

Tokyo eCity Wall Decals

Maybe the idea of stickers that don’t permanently stick came from those Color forms we used to play with as kids. Great concept, because the bummer about stickers is that they get stuck. Most of the time they’re stuck for good – game over. Now we have the wonderful world of wall decals or wall graphics, a non-permanent but relatively affordable way to add personality to a space along with the option to re-stick and rearrange. These Tokyo eCity Wall Decals come as a set of stickers that wink to the livelihood of Japan’s metropolis, Tokyo, but are set to a comicbooky, Japanimationny backdrop.Tokyo eCity Wall Decals

  • Tokyo e-City ~ Re-Stik
  • Dimensions: Various
  • Pieces: 63
  • Made with blik Re-Stik, eBoy’s stunning Tokyo pixel poster comes to life for your walls with shoppers, aliens and naked women straddling rockets. What more does a wall need?

Blik is the company that brought us the Asteroids and Nintendo Donkey Kong & Super Mario Wall Decals. Not to brag or anything, but I’ve purchased the Mario ones from Blik and the graphic detailing is superb and the stickers do re-stick beautifully. You just have to be careful not to unpeel too fast as you remove the large stickers. If you’re too hasty, they will tear; but you can stick them in such a way that the tear is perfectly concealed. It takes a few shots to get the stickers oriented just right, but it’s not at all difficult.

The Tokyo eCity set is particularly entertaining, because you can create action and drama with the many people to play with as well as the vehicles. Notice the truck turned upside-down? Though these stickers would be awesome for kids, you might want to consider removing those ladies riding commando on the rockets.

For $50, you can get the set of Tokyo eCity Wall Decals at Blik.

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