Build Your Robot Family Car Decals

Robot Family Car Decals

Regarding the rear-end of our vehicles, we’ve long since high-tailed out of the bad bumper stickers era and have entered a new era of customized car decals. The most popular car window stickers are the ones where each person in the family gets fair representation; even the pets. And there are all kinds of stickies with great themes out there. If the recently-posted Star Wars AT-AT Family Decals were right up your alley, then you may also dig these Build Your Robot Family Car Decals.

Build Your Robot Family Car Decals

Build Your Robot Family Car Decals

  • Build your own robot family with these mix-n-match decals
  • More than 50 decals for endless combinations
  • Decals for mom, dad, kids and pets
  • Stick easily to any clean and flat surface
  • Enough for two cars, a few windows, and some other places
  • Each set includes 2 Dogbots and 2 Catbots (but with scissors, you could easily build additional Petbots from the parts of other robots!)
  • Invented at ThinkGeek!


Family robot decals are perfect for the techy family driving around in modern cars. Parents who are nostalgic about their old favorite space-age cartoon, “The Jetsons,” will also gravitate towards these.

The fun part about this set is that each family member can customize his or her robot alias with different robotic appendages, torsos, and heads. (Hint: you can even make a Rosie the maid decal.)  The dogs and cats won’t be able to exercise their creative license, but the set provides two decals of each pet. Also, these decals peel off easily, so when you feel like you need to change up your robot’s design again it’ll be a cinch. Just make sure you’ve grown out your fingernails.

Printed in white, the stickers contrast brilliantly against dark, tinted windows, giving drivers behind you some visual entertainment.

Get the set of Build Your Robot Family Car Decals at for $11.99.


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