Keytars Key Covers

Keytars Key Covers

Rock Stars don’t have time to be fumbling for their keys, especially when they’re on route to their next gig. That’s why they’ll save time and frustration with Keytars Key Covers.

Product Description

Glam Keytars Next time you’re reaching for your keys, no need to make it a stumbly grab in the dark. Rock it right from your pocket with these guitar-shaped glamtastic key covers. Slip one of these rockin’ Glam Keytars onto your keys and you’ll always be sure to grab the right axe. Set of 6 key caps Molded with flexible plastic, rounded edges Fits most standard size keys.

Each set comes with six different key covers to give keys instant glam and an easy system of identification. Sort keys with the leopard print, black and white checkers, rising sun, flaming, Union Jack and skull n’ crossbones covers. Typically, rock stars have several homes, cars, and tour buses that all come with different locks.

Don’t feel excluded if you’re just a Rock Band video game type of rock star. These Keytars will prove useful to anyone with a set of random, same-looking keys.

Get the Keytars Key Covers at starting at $3.70 or at Chapters/Indigo in Canada for $7.99.

Another small key buddy that could prevent key loss and confusion is the Key Pete Super Strong Magnetic Key Holder. It works and looks great on a fridge.

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