Chainsaw Key Cover

Make those keys on your keyring look manly with the Chainsaw Key Cover. Your keys already kind of look like saw blades and these key covers just add the handle. Put one on a special key to tell it apart from the rest or put […]


Batman SC1 House Keys

If Batman is good enough to protect Gotham, he is good enough to entrust with your house key. The Batman SC1 House Keys will be the coolest key on your keyring. They are perfect key for your Batcave. Thegenuine licensed DC Comics keys feature the […]


Rockeys Key Toppers

For those who like to rock out, rock your keyring with these Rockeys Key Toppers from Gama Go. They turn your keys into rocking and retro music accessories. You get 6 different awesome designs per pack. Turntables, cassette tapes, a boombox and an amp. These […]


Keyboard Shaped Bottle Stops

If you’re looking for something different in a set of bottle stops, check out these geeky Caps Lock Keyboard Key Shaped Bottle Stops. Let all of your guests know that you are a computer geek while sealing your opened bottles. These bottle stops fit neatly […]

ZombiKeys - Key Covers

ZombiKeys – Key Covers

If you want to give your keys some zombie personality and possibly keep touchy fingers away from them, get the ZombiKeys – Key Covers. These cool key covers come in 6 packs with different undead characters ready to adorn your most prized keys. My two […]

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Key Doorstop

This Key Doorstop ($16) from Modern Gent is made of non-slip rubber and available in red, yellow or black. Size: length 150mm, width 70mm. Also make sure to check out the 10 Fun and Weird Doorstops post.

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Apple Computer Geek Jewelry

Remember those PowerBook Earrings from yesterday? Want more? Etsy user thelovelyteaspoon makes sure to satisfy all your Apple jewelry desires. Apple Shift Earrings ($6) Apple Enter Earrings ($6) Apple Command Ring ($5) F1 F2 Apple Computer Earrings ($4) Home End Apple Computer Earrings ($4) Bonus […]