Lollipop Thermometer

Lollipop Thermometer

It’s not easy to take care of kids. They require a lot of care and attention, and frankly, they can be a handful to deal with sometimes. But when they’re sick, it’s a lot harder to coax them to take their medicine or check their temperature. For the latter, there’s the Lollipop Thermometer.

Lollipop kid Thermometer

It’s basically a thermometer that was designed to look like a lollipop, especially when it’s switched on. Of course, it’s important to remind the child not to bite the tip because the Lollipop Thermometer will probably break.

It’s a clever design geared towards kids who are feeling under the weather. What it could improve on is how it displays the temperature. Instead of showing the actual value, the thermometer only relies on a color-coding system that might make it hard to interpret sometimes.

The Lollipop Thermometer is a concept design by Dano Su and Young Lee Kim.

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