D20 Lollipop

D20 Lollipop

The D20 Lollipop gives a whole new edge to sucking on delicious lollipops.  Sure, you could buy spherical lollipops, but those are for those who are below your level; those to whom you would shout the common phrase, “GET ON MY LEVEL.”  With your new D20 Lollipop, you can have all 20 sides and lick them too.   The geeky food creation tastes like freshly-picked cherries cherry compote and is probably stuffed full of sugary goodness.

Just to assure you that what you’re getting is a quality product, and not something like a pair of those Beats headphones that you bought from eBay China, you should note that all 20 numbers are hand frosted. Must take the guy at least a couple of minutes per lollipop, so there is a certain aspect of customization.  $50 for anyone who finds one with two of the same number?  I would be willing to make that deal.

D20 Lollipop

  • Delicious lollipop that looks like everyone’s favorite 20-sided die: the d20!
  • Cherry flavored with hand-iced numerals.
  • Dimensions: 2″ diameter.

You can pick up the D20 Lollipop for just $4.99 from ThinkGeek, but you can also just hang out with me and become my friend.  To pass my “friend test” you must check out the following: Bacon Lollipops and the Raw Chicken Lollipop.

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