Wristwatches already combine features of a clock and calendar, so it’s only fitting that desk clocks and calendars get a corresponding upgrade with the CalenClock. Basically, the CalenClock is a desk clock slash desk calendar. The minute and hour hands of the clock are inter-positioned on top of a split-page calendar backing.

Since it’s not a digital clock, you’ve got to tear one side of the calendar on the CalenClock to mark each passing day. What makes this concept even more striking is the random and targeted sayings and quotes on the calendar page. They can be completely random, or remind you of what day or month it is because of the words printed or embedded on it.

Now if only they get around to actually producing these CalenClocks..



Inspired by the relationship between calendar dates and hourly time, the Calenclock combines both into a clever all-in-one desktop solution. Hour and minute hands hover over split-page days that each present a unique message ranging from “No Public Holidays, Work Hard!” to “Trick or Treat!”

The CalenClock is a concept design by Ken Lo.

[via Yanko Design]

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