12 Awesome 2012 Wall Calendars

Soon it will be a new years and that means you need a new calendar! Here were take a look at 12 Awesome 2012 Wall Calendars that you’ll want to own.

Fold Your Own Robot 2012 Calendar

This Fold Your Own Robot 2012 Calendar is great for people that enjoy paper crafts. It allows you to create twelve 3D robot models in impressive details from paper punch-outs. It even has a pocket in back to hold the pieces for later use. This Build-a-Robot 2012 Calendar is on sale at ThinkGeek for only $5.99.

Big Bang Theory Calendar

If you like this site, chances are you like The Big Bang Theory. We sure do. It isn’t just for geeks either (unless almost everyone is a geek these days), as this is the highest rated sitcom on CBS. Buy this 16 month 2012 wall calendar for $14.99 from Calendars.com.

U.S. Navy Seals Calendar

Who could forget Seal Team 6 taking out Osama Bin Laden? With the U.S. Navy SEALs 2012 Calendar, you can enjoy incredible up-close photographs of this extremely elite legendary fighting force. This imagery is also great for those into first person shooters like Battlefield 3 and CoD Modern Warfare 3. Pick up a copy for $11.19 at Amazon.com.

The Walking Dead Calendar

The Walking Dead Calendar is great for fans of the TV show on AMC and for everyone that likes zombies. Purchase yours for $14.99 at Calendars.com.

Game of Thrones Calendar 2012

Another choice for television fanatics is this 2012 Game of Thrones Calendar. It is available to order for $9.95 from the HBO Shop. Related to this is the A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar we showed you a few months back.

Vintage Sci-Fi 2012 Wall Calendar

If the above 2012 calendars are just too modern for you, check out this Vintage Sci-Fi wall calendar. “This collection of cover art from the Golden Age of Science Fiction captures the explosion of creativity, optimism, and experimentation that took place in America during the 1920s – 50s.” Buy it for $18.95 at Calendars.com.

Angry Birds Calendar 2012

The Angry Birds merchandising blitz naturally extends to a calendar. If you’re still into this game, you’ll want to pick up the Angry Birds Calendar for 2012, because with Angry Birds everything in the stores, this phenomenon will probably burn itself out this coming year. Order the one pictures above for $14.99 at Calendars.com or a similar one for $11.80 at Amazon.com.

Hello Kitty Special Edition 2012 Calendar

If you need your daily dose of cute, this Hello Kitty Special Edition 2012 Calendar will be right up your alley. As a special edition it comes with many extras like a posters, picture frame, stickers, and door hanger. Buy yours for $16.99 at Calendars.com.

Lego The Calendar 2012

We’re not ashamed to say we love LEGO, including this 2012 Lego Calendar. If you agree, purchase one for $11.69 at Barnes & Noble.

The Oatmeal Wall 2012 Wall Calendar

Another awesome choice for 2012 is The Oatmeal Wall Wall Calendar. “Based on Matthew Inman’s New York Times best-selling book 5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin In the Mouth. With over 82 million page views, The Oatmeal is one of the most popular webcomics online today.” Buy it for $13.99 at Calendars.com.

Star Trek Ships of the Line 2012 Calendar

Star Trek fans will enjoy the 14 unique pieces of art created exclusively for the Star Trek Ships of the Line 2012 Calendar. “Displaying amazing artistry, dramatic depictions of Star Trek’s ships, and featuring a horizontal, panoramic format, this calendar is highly sought after and eagerly anticipated.” It is on sale for $11.99 at the Official Star Trek Store.

Doctor Who 2012 Wall Calendar

If you enjoy Matt Smith as Dr. Who, you’ll want to pick up a copy of this 2012 Doctor Who Wall Calendar while you still can. Already sold out at numerous stores, such as the BBC Shop, you can still pick this baby up for $14.99 at Calendars.com.

Wait! A list of 12 awesome calendars for 2012 on GeekAlerts.com and not a single Star Wars one? To be honest there are quite a few Star Wars wall calendars for this year, and I couldn’t pick just one. There’s the Star Wars Saga Calendar, Star Wars Saga Mini Calendar, Star Wars Clone Wars Calendar, and the Star Wars Classic Calendar.

There you go—plenty of awesome choices for wall calendars. If you like this, we’ll follow up with some perfect desk calendars for geeks.


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