The Cup Pilot

The Cup Pilot

Frequent flyers who haven’t yet figured out a smooth way to manage their complimentary onboard drinks must discover the Cup Pilot.

The Go-Anywhere Solution for Keeping Your Drink Upright
The Cup Pilot holds your drink even when there’s no place to set it. The Cup Pilot attaches to an airline seat back tray when it is closed, hangs from the locking tab when the tray is open, and hooks onto both seat back and suitcase pockets with ease.

Place your drink inside the cup ring and the pivoting holder keeps it level at all times, even with the motion of planes, trains, boats or cars. Collapses for easy portability and stores in the included nylon pouch.

Whenever you hear that all so familiar ding and the flight attendants roll out the drink cart, it’s hard to say no when they ask, “Care for anything to drink?” As a golden rule, it’s best to stay hydrated while up in the friendly skies.

Meanwhile, you’ve got your gadgets, books and magazines all sprawled out on the flip tray and you’re beating boredom like a bandit. But now what to do about that spillable drink on hand? Complications! Do you chug it fast and get throat burn, or do you gingerly sip it and set it down while being extra careful not to tip it over? Neither, you hook up the Cup Pilot to the tray lock, secure your drink, and fogettabouttit.

On the other hand, if you can’t stand having the tray open as it infringes upon the little space you have, you can clip the Cup Pilot onto the closed tray so that you have a place for your drink, minus the tray. Besides, you know buddy at the window seat will need to get up at one point. You might as well keep the tray up.

Though it was designed as a cup holder, you can also use the Cup Pilot to hold small objects such as crayons for kids, toys, earphones and cellphones.

Don’t be that person on the plane who spilled and left a big mess. Instead, be the geek with the Cup Pilot. It’s $19.99 at none other than

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