Jelly Belly Christmas Ornaments

Jelly Belly Christmas Decorations

What a person wears says a lot about who he is. What a person eats does too. But what about what someone hangs up on their Christmas Tree? Obviously, bacon lovers will probably have one of these Bacon Ornaments hanging up on their tree. Music buffs and guitar players will enjoy hanging these Guitar Tree Ornaments up as well on Christmas Eve. But for everyone else who hasn’t a special or more personal ornament for their tree, there’s the Jelly Belly Baubles.

The Jelly Belly Baubles contain colorful and yummy Jelly Belly jelly beans in assorted flavors that do as much good on the inside of the baubles and on the outside. When the season to be jolly is done (or even before it’s arrived), you can crack open the baubles and wolf down the treats to celebrate the joy that is life (and the break from work or school that comes with the season!)

Jelly Belly Baubles

Jelly Belly Baubles

Jelly Belly Baubles are a set of 4 dangly Christmas decorations, filled with scoffably tasty jelly beans. Hang these clear plastic baubles from a (sturdy) branch of your tree, or anywhere around the house for a splash of vibrant color. The baubles contain a random assortment of beans from Jelly Belly’s 50 classic flavors, so there’s something for even the most discerning palette. But of course, how you eat them is up to you. Do you divide the flavors and eat them one at a time? Mix together some tongue-tingling combinations? Or pop a random handful in your mush and hope for the best?

  • Attractive Jelly Belly branded ribbon
  • Presented in a clear gift box

The Jelly Belly Baubles are available for pre-order from Firebox for £14.99 ($24.)

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