Pantone Christmas Ornaments

Pantone Christmas Baubles

When you think of Christmas, images of Santa riding on his sleigh and candy canes immediately pop into mind. Think of Christmas colors and you’ll have red and green as your two top choices. Think of some quirky, unique, and definitely colorful ornaments for the holiday season and you’ve got the Pantone Christmas Baubles to fit the bill.

The painted glass Pantone Christmas Baubles are made in Italy and will make a fine addition to the other ornaments already hanging on your tree. Give a bit more personality to your tree by hanging up these Guitar Tree Ornaments or Jelly Belly Baubles. And if you want to give someone a scare as they walk past your tree, then you’ve definitely got to get the TannenBomb Prank Holiday Ornament.

Pantone Christmas Baubles

If decorating your Christmas tree with the same old dusty baubles every year is turning you green about the gills; spruce up your, erm… spruce with Pantone Christmas Baubles. Created by Italian design house Seletti, Pantone Christmas Baubles will be sure to delight and amuse anyone with a background in design – interior or otherwise. And they’ll cause equally powerful feelings of bafflement in anyone else! But either way, these tongue-in-cheek baubles are a great alternative to your typical festive ware and would look sensational in any home.

The Pantone Christmas Baubles are available for pre-order from Firebox for £8.99 ($14.)


  1. A great concept, just poorly executed. The ornaments are not nearly as nice as they appear in the product photos.

    First off, the tops of the ornaments are your run of the mill generic gold tin ornament tops, not the cool pantone colored tops shown in the picture.

    Secondly, the coloring of the ornaments are inconsistent. Some spots are almost opaque, showing the white base beneath.

    Lastly, the paint lines aren’t straight. They’re wavy at best and almost look drippy in parts, like they were coated too heavy in spots (go figure).

    So while I had extremely high hopes for these, they fell short for me.

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