Phone Booth Christmas Ornament

Phone Booth Christmas Ornament

Make decorating the tree this year more of a family event. Get everyone in the whole clan to help out over warm mugs of hot chocolate and eggnog, and bond as you share stories and reminisce about the good, old days while hanging up the ornaments and trimmings. Throw in a few of these Phone Booth Christmas Ornaments that might probably turn some heads at the unconventionality of it all; throw in the Skull Ornaments if you just want to raise some eyebrows.

Kidding aside, it would be a fun idea to hang up some unique ornaments to your tree this year, like the Jelly Belly Baubles and Guitar Tree Ornaments.

Phone Booth Christmas Ornament

With everyone carrying mobiles these days it’s no wonder the old-fashioned red phone box has been relegated to the status of late night public convenience. But now you can save this classic British design from obscurity and dangle it from your Christmas tree!

Made from glass and painted by hand, the Phone Booth Christmas Ornament makes a great gift and suitably eccentric decoration in your home. So pop on your bowler hat, say a few ‘what whats’ and string up this thoroughly British bauble.

The Phone Booth Christmas Ornament is available from Firebox for £8.99 ($14.)

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