Giant Microbes Christmas Ornament Sets

Giant Microbes Christmas Tree Ornaments

Geekalerts has shown you several interesting plush toys from Giant Microbes in the past, and now you can decorate your Christmas Tree with things like the Common cold, E.Coli, Amoeba, Kissing Disease, and a Brain Cell.

The Giant Microbes Christmas Ornament Sets are both entertaining and soft, giving your Christmas tree a personal touch that only a germ lover could truly appreciate.

Giant Microbes Christmas Stocking Box

What could be nicer than giving a loved one a horrible disease this Christmas? That’s right, giving them several in a festive Christmas tree-shaped gift box. Awww, E. coli, you shouldn’t have!

Choose between the Christmas tree Ornament Set and the Christmas Stocking Set. Each set includes five plush ornaments and one limited edition Amoeba (Green Amoeba with Stocking Set, Red Amoeba with Tree Set.)

You can purchase the Giant Microbes Christmas Tree Ornaments at Firebox for £15.99 and the Christmas Socking Ornament Set at from $22.99.

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