Giant Microbes Primordial Putties

Giant Microbes Primordial Putties

The best way to scare off your hypochondriac friends is to introduce them to a slimy, gooey specimen of a flesh-eating disease or perhaps some anthrax. You can’t go wrong when you choose from this collection of Giant Microbes Primordial Putties.

Most of us know that microbes are not visible to the eye, so these petri dish superstars are harmless gag gifts to give your loved ones or to keep around for giggles. Never mind that each of these is named after some of the most deadly bacteria and viruses. The scariest feature about these guys is the medium they come in; the amber-colored goop that has the consistency of snot or alien discharge.

Primordial Putties

Giant Microbes Primordial Putties

  • Each microbe lives in an orange gel/putty inside a petri dish.
  • Play with the microbe, play with the putty, play with both together!
  • Each petri dish comes with one microbe, buncha putty, and a little info booklet/card (which actually gives the microbe a photographic backdrop of the real thing).
  • Available microbe flavors: Anthrax, Black Death, Ebola, Flesh Eating Disease.
  • For Ages 3 and Up
  • Dimensions:
    • Microbe: approx. 2″ – 2.25″ long (varies per microbe).
    • Petri Dish: 2.75″ diameter x 1.0375″ tall.

Giant Microbes Primordial Putty

Even though each of these putty microbes won’t sentence you to death nor will it get you in the front doors of the ER, it’s probably still wise to wash your hands after handling them. On the other hand, if you are the hypochondriac who’d rather avoid shaking people’s hands around this time of year, just take out your googly-eyed pet and slime in public and watch your personal space miraculously grow.

Giant Microbes Primordial Putties are $7.99 each with your choice of Anthrax, Black Death, Ebola and Flesh Eating Disease at

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