It’s always fun to add a little retro style to modern tech, and the Ice-Phone does just that. Instead of leaving your smartphone in your pocket or purse or placing it in a plain-jane dock, you can add a little nostalgic spice by turning your sleek mobile phone into a sharp-looking retro-style phone that actually allows you to remember the lost art of using a handset. Tiny phones are great for portability but not so good for tucking between your chin and shoulder like the good old days… and sometimes the speaker-phone just doesn’t cut it when you need your hands free but still don’t want the whole world to listen in on your conversation.

Better yet, the handset attaches directly to the phone itself; not the dock, so you can have the convenience of still being as untethered as before, which is great news if you happen to worry about all the talk on radiation from your smartphone leaking into your brain. This way, you can talk while still keeping your phone safely tucked inside its case.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can also kiss your microphone goodbye when using Skype on your PC because the Ice-Phone will work with that too.


  • Great retro dock for your smart phone
  • Available in vibrant colors
  • Enhances call comfort
  • Can be used on the go and taken anywhere
  • Handset compatible with most smart phones
  • Download the free app on the Apple App Store or Google Play
  • Turn your PC into a telephone using Skype
  • Access other functions on your phone whilst making a call
  • Answer/hang up/mute button
  • Facility to charge the phone using existing charger

The Ice-Phone, which comes in a virtual rainbow of colors, is available for £29.95($48) at You can also find them on


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