What? Deluxe Edition Game

What Deluxe Edition

There’s not much action in the What? Deluxe Edition Game, although there’s going to be a whole lot of getting to know one another and bonding. Basically, questions are presented, people answer, the answers get mixed up, and people take turns guessing which answer belongs to which player.

The What? Deluxe Edition Game makes for a good conversation starter and is a fun game to at least get the ball rolling.

What? Deluxe Edition Game

  • The funniest game you will ever play
  • The perfect game for get-togethers and parties
  • Includes 108 cards, answer sheets, answer sheet shields, score sheets, and pencils
  • For 5 or more players
  • Be as silly and funny as you want

WHAT is a hilarious party game of who-said-what. Players are asked to write responses to humorous questions and situations, and everyone must guess who wrote what. There is no need to be truthful, there is no need to be tasteful, feel free to be as silly or as funny as you want, honesty is not the best policy in this game.

The What? Deluxe Edition Game is available from Amazon for $27.99.

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