Phone Booth Media Cabinet

Phone Booth Media Cabinet

You’ve got to give Britain its props for coming up with some stylish objects; their taxi cabs, luxury autos, mailboxes, phone booths, oh and those Mad Hatter hats seen at the Royal Wedding. If you’ve got a ton of DVDs and CDs but don’t have a fashionable place to store them all (and you’ve got a bit of an English fetish), the Brit-inspired Phone Booth Media Cabinet might just be what you’re after.

This isn’t the first time that phone booths have been creatively taken out of context. We all enjoyed how Dr. Who used the TARDIS, a blue British police box, to travel through time. By the way, we’ve got some good reads on the Dr. Who Disappearing TARDIS Mug, TARDIS USB Hub and a Levitating TARDIS, if you’re a big D.W. fan. And look at Clark Kent and how he was able to duck into a phone booth at warp speed and come out as none other than Superman. And what about Bill and Ted’s time travel during their Excellent Adventure? That was when Keanu Reeves was more fun. Phone booths are more mystical now than ever, since they’re becoming such antiques.

Telephone Booth Media CabinetThe Phone Booth Media Cabinet is painted in a subdued red, which gives a room a nice punch without looking overly obnoxious. With five fixed shelves, you can store your Dr. Who, Superman and Bill & Ted DVDs discreetly, and about 130 more DVDs or prized possessions as well.

If you have a hard time keeping track of your phone, you could probably figure out a way to store your phone(s) in there while at home, too. Since it looks like a phone booth and has the words “Telephone” written on it, it might be the perfect spot for a telephone to be. Just don’t try to get inside it and expect random things to happen, though.

Phone Booth Media Cabinet

  • Holds 136 DVDs or 290 CDs
  • Five Fixed Shelves
  • Painted Red Finish
  • Plexiglas windows
  • Antique telephone booth appearance
  • Dimensions: 14.25″ W x 14.5″ D x 44.5″ H

The Phone Booth Media Cabinet is priced at $170 at

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