JR Shinkansen Nozomi 500 Train Set

JR Shinkansen Nozomi 500 Train Set

Many people like to set up train sets that circumnavigate their Christmas trees. I’m not exactly sure why or how that came about as a tradition, but some things don’t need to be explained. Now that Christmas decor is getting more modern, such as feathered trees, LEDs, and Angry Birds Christmas Ornaments, train sets might as well keep up with the times. Wouldn’t it be great to have the contemporary JR Shinkansen Nozomi 500 Train Set around your mini Christmas tree?

JR Shinkansen Nozomi 500 ElectricTrain Set

The JR Shinkansen Nozomi 500 Train Set features:

  • Kato train cars
  • Unitrack oval track set
  • Power pack / controller (Japanese characters)
  • Manual (Japanese)
  • Car 1: Type 521-3 Coach; Car 2: Type 516-3 Coach (motor powered); Car 3: Type 525-6 Coach; Car 4: Type 522-3 Coach
  • 4x Straight track 248mm (S248), 1x Straight track 124mm (S124); 1x Feeder Track 62mm (S62F), 1x Straight Track 62mm (S62)
  • 1x Road Crossing tracks 124mm (S124C); 8x Radius 45º Curve Track 315mm (R315-35); 1x Rerailer, 1x Adapter cord

JR Shinkansen Nozomi 500 Train Toy Set

Don’t let the “500” fool you. This train won’t make your head spin at a whopping 500 km/hr, but it does have bullet-fast looks. With its sleek, aerodynamic design, you know it’s come a long way since the “I think I can” days.

Some assembly is required by way of the Japanese owner’s manual, but any tinker could manage to figure things out. The tracks fit together to make an oval, and the controller looks uncomplicated with its two switch knobs. Once everything’s all set up, it’s time to enjoy your new version of the Polar Express.

The JR Shinkansen Nozomi 500 Train Set by Kato is $294US at the Japan Trend Shop.

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