Japanese Bullet Train Chopsticks

Hashi Tetsu Shinkansen Bullet Train Chopsticks

Life in the fast lane is exactly what bullet trains are all about. One of the Shinkansen trains clocked a head-spinning top speed of 581 km/h during a test run. But if you’d rather focus on improving the speed at which you shovel food into your mouth rather than how fast you can get from A to B, maybe it’s time you try the lightning-fast Hashi Tetsu Japanese Bullet Train Chopsticks.

Bullet Train Chopsticks

Hashi Tetsu Shinkansen Chopsticks Bullet Train Cutlery:

  • Shinkansen bullet train-themed chopsticks
  • Officially endorsed by JR
  • Versions: N700 Sakura, 922 (yellow), 0 Series, N700
  • Length: 210mm (8.3″)
  • Material: AS plastic
  • Made in Japan

The chopstick handles are the spitting image of real-life Shinkansen front noses. A lot of attention to detail went into designing these utensils, since they were given the official green light from Japan Rail. The tapered ends of the chopsticks help you accurately grip your sushi, udon or gyoza faster than Mr. Miyagi could catch a fly.

Japanese Bullet Train Chopsticks

And just like the Samurai Sword Chopsticks we showed you a while back, there are several options of bullet train chopsticks to choose from as well. You’ve got the N700 and N700 Sakura whose noses have an elongated slope, and then there’s the O Series and 922 that have rounder button noses. All chopsticks share the same beautiful blue streak along the sides that disappear towards the ends to create the illusion of speed.

Get your favorite Hashi Tetsu Japanese Bullet Train Chopsticks at the Japan Trend Shop for $34 a pair. Meanwhile, you won’t want to blink because the Japan Trend Shop carries the JR Shinkansen Nozomi 500 Train Set, too.

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