Samurai Sword Chopsticks Set

Samurai Sword Chopsticks

If you’ve mastered the art of eating with chopsticks and have deep respect for the Samurai way, you might be worthy of owning a pair of Samurai Sword Chopsticks.

When using such beautiful, delicately-crafted utensils, here are some helpful tidbits so as to not disgrace the Japanese culture: 1.) Always hold chopsticks at the broader ends, not in the middle or lower, skinny ends. 2.) Don’t point with them or play with them. 3.) Do not stab food, but rather scoop or gently secure food and lift.

Samurai Sword Chopsticks

Now you’re ready to enjoy sushi, udon, gyoza, donburi, tempura, edamame and more at your favorite Japanese eatery, while exhibiting style, class and skill.

Three sets of plastic chopsticks are available, honoring legendary warriors Matsamune Date (black samurai swords with intricate gold detail), Keiji Maeda (red handles with gold detail), and Yukimura Sanada (mostly black with 5 gold dots). Each set comes with a clear chopstick rest, adorned with the respective samurai’s crest in a regal gold shade.

Samurai Sword Chopstick Sets

Form a special samurai alliance with your closest friends and vow to only use these chopsticks when dining in one another’s company.

The Samurai Sword Chopsticks features:

  • 1 pair of chopsticks based on the sword of famous Japanese warriors
  • Each pair of chopsticks comes with individual transparent chopstick-holder
  • Choose from Masamune Date, Yukimura Sanada or Keiji Maeda, or all three
  • Length: 230mm (chopstick) (9″)
  • Materials: AS, ABS

Now couldn’t be a better time to purchase these works of art, since Japan Trend Shop donates 5% to the Japanese Red Cross Society and Médecins Sans Frontières from every sale, thus going to the relief of Japan’s recent tsunami victims. Each individual set of Samurai Sword Chopsticks is $32 at Japan Trend Shop.

Imported from Japan, these Samurai Sword Chopsticks Sets are also available for $12.99 each at ThinkGeek,

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