Mi Train Journey Smartphone Display

Mi Train Journey Smartphone Display

Traveling by train is one of the best ways to take in nature’s scenery and daydream as you look out the window. To recreate the ambiance of riding on a train and having a prime window seat view, you can stick your smartphone into the Mi Train Journey Smartphone Display and play footage of picturesque scenery or enjoy a movie on board.

Your phone will have a great spot to rest while you charge it, and it won’t take much for you to imagine that you’re that figurine sitting back and spacing out as the world goes by. You can place the girl on either seat, and she even has a little table for her accessories as well as an overhead shelf.

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Mi Train Journey Smartphone Display

  • Miniature replica of a train carriage – inside and out!
  • Download or film inspiring train journeys to play through the carriage window
  • Passenger figurine and accessories included
  • Phone can be charged as usual while in the window

The phone simply slips into the back of the display, where the panel is made to look like the exterior of a train car.

The Mi Train Journey Smartphone Display is available at I Want One of Those for £19.99 and makes a unique gift for those hard to shop for friends who have everything.

Some other fancy ways to display your phone while it’s charging are to put it in a Double Vintage Charging Dock for iPhone, a Wooden Charging Dock for iPhone, or you can just turn it into a mini arcade with Arcadie for iPhone.

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